A Ceremony is an official gathering to celebrate, commemorate, or otherwise mark an event in life. Ceremonies can be very transformative experiences that are symbolic markers of time for the individual or group as we pass through the many seasons and cycles of life. The nature of Ceremony is to intentionally gather with presence and to consciously acknowledge the importance of the moment. - Elisa

Sacred Union Ceremony

Sacred Union is perhaps the most potent ritual as two individuals set their intentions to embark upon a committed path to love themselves and the other in partnership and personal growth.


You will work intimately with Elisa prior to the gathering to envision + co-create a powerful Wedding Ceremony that fully honors you and your partner as well as your families, your ancestors, personal customs, your community, and the environment.

Individual 1:1 Sacred Relationship Sessions are recommended and can be included as a complimentary support in planning your Wedding Ceremony. Each individual would receive a series of 4-8 sessions (60 minutes in length) focused on deepening intimacy + clear communication in the relationship through practices of Relational Intimacy + Potent Expression. 

For details on pricing and scheduling, please contact Elisa directly.


Girls First Menses Ceremony + Celebration


Entering into womanhood can be a powerful opportunity to be honored by our mother, friends, and elders in our community. When young women are celebrated, acknowledged and witnessed as they enter into this next phase of their life, they gain the confidence and empowerment needed to face the upcoming challenges and joys of their female journey.
Educating our daughters and the young women in our community about the emotional and physiological aspects of their bleeding time is extremely valuable. We can teach them to love themselves and know that their bodies are sacred instead of feeling isolated, embarassed, or confused about their womanhood. Equally important is to acknowledge the power that lies within the girl who is becoming a woman and her ability to create from her womb.
By holding a Moon Ceremony for your budding daughter, neice, or friend, you will assist in the creation of weaving a deep bond between her and all of the women who have come before her...an opportunity to consciously connect her to her lineage as well as her place in her own circle of friends, her community, her family and the world as a woman.


Womb Ceremony ~ Rite of the Womb

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The Womb is the place where we, as women, hold the power of infinite creative potential. The womb is also the place where we hold old traumas, wounds, & fear as a result of our life experiences as well as what has been passed down through our family lineage. When we consciously decide to connect to our womb with intention and to acknowledge all that has not been acknowledged, we give ourselves the opportunity to heal on all levels and to re-connect us to our own creative potential and inner wisdom.

The 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki (the rite of the Womb) is an energetic transmission that has been passed down from a lineage of Sacred Womb Keepers/Medicine Women from the jungles of Peru for healing of the womb space.

"I met with Elisa for a Womb Ceremony, which in itself was a most powerful initiation, but I didn't realize all else that would be uncovered, revealed, and healed during our time. Elisa is able to hold such a presence for healing, a container big enough and loving enough to facilitate potent transformation. I had been carrying shame over past family wounds. Her presence quickly uncovered the truths and pains I'd been carrying. Her presence, her clear reflection, and her well of acceptance was potent for my on-going healing. She held the space for me to trust my own inner voice and to heal myself in the ways I knew, but hadn't been able to trust yet. She honored my path, which has led me to more self-nurturing and self-love that is essential and on-going. Mahalo to all sisters on this path." ~ A.B.