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Elisa Spring


Elisa is a mother of four children (ages 3-17), a lover of rhythm, a ritualist, community weaver, visionary, and transformational guide to feeling ALIVE and EMBODIED. Elisa coaches her clients to clearly see and acknowledge the spiritual lessons that are occuring in their lives and how to use practical tools to enhance the sacredness of their  transformational experiences that include navigating the dark as well as the light.

She works with supporting individuals and groups to tap into the power of their emotions, to unravel and release unhealthy cultural and familial patterns and conditionings, and to voice and express their true nature through practices of vulnerability, intentional shadow work, authentic communication, and embodying their passion.

Elisa uses drumming, grounding practices, and simple ritual to reconnect herself and her clients to a deep trust of this life and the inherent rhythms within it; becoming intimately more familiar of the cycles of death and rebirth that are always occuring simultaneously.

Elisa sees herself as a "soothsayer" - one who speaks the truth and is straightforward. She is gifted with the ability to tune into subtle un-conscious energies at play and compassionately creates a safe space for the client to work with whatever they are ready for.

Her passions are following the path of the ancient traditions of framedrumming that she discovered from the late Layne Redmond ("When the Drummers Were Women: A Spiritual History of Rhythm"), the reclamation of empowered birthing practices, the honoring of Women's blood cycles, singing songs for the earth, dancing and the medicine of movement, communal ritual, and continual ancestral + lineage healing.

Elisa is currently in the midst of birthing a podcast called "The Motherlode: Street Smarts Meets the Ancient Arts" with her dear friend + long-term client Angelina Caceres. Watch for more announcements as we refine our vision!

Elisa facilitates various monthly workshops for her community on O'ahu and happily hosts Ecstatic Dance every 3rd Sunday at Ai Love Nalo in Waimanalo.