// Sacred Relating //

Sacred: Highly Valued & Important; Deserving Great Respect

Relating: A Connection Between

Sacred Relating is CONSCIOUSLY placing a High Value + Great Respect on Relational Connections.

Relationship can serve as an incredible platform for personal growth and self-discovery that allows one to explore, acknowledge, and express the emotions, needs, and desires in ALL Relationships:

Relationship to One's Self, the Ancestors, the Earth, Body, Partnership, Family, Community, Environment and Work.

Imagine the possibility + freedom to be more Authentic in all Relationships whether that Relationship is to your creative work, your body or your children.

Imagine having the skills to Communicate and Express yourself with CLARITY in your partnership and the TRUST required to move into deeper INTIMACY in Relationship.

Sacred Relating can be applied anywhere that you choose to direct it. You have the ability to transform through:

 Relational Intimacy + Potent Expression

Powerful Connection to Self + Others

Authentic Communication

Emotional Intelligence

Conscious Relational Practices

Acknowledging Fears

Cultivating Self-Trust

Honoring Intuition  

Deep Listening

Focused Presence

Finding Your Unique Rhythm





If we want more depth and connection and joy in our relationships, we’re going to have to develop more emotional intimacy with our partners, our friends, our family, our coworkers. It’s that simple and that challenging. Connecting only through our upbeat emotions is not enough—we also need to find, and keep finding, relationship- deepening connection through all our emotions. And there is no way we can do this if we are not significantly intimate with our emotions.
— Robert Augustus Masters