1:1 Women's Mentoring Programs


  • Expanding Emotional Awareness + Healing Relational Dynamics In Interpersonal Relationships Using The RIPE Method: Relational Intimacy + Potent Expression.                                                                         

  • Deep Practices Of Self-Awareness + Introspective Exercises Are Presented In This Work. Contemplative Questions, Meditations, + Communication Exercises that Build Confidence & Connection to Self and Others. Learn WHY you choose to Communicate in the way that you do + how to more FULLY express your own Needs + Desires.

  • Establish + Strengthen your Personal Boundaries and learn why they are VITAL to the health of your Relationships for Balance. Confidently learn to say YES or NO without allowing Guilt or Shame to take over.

  • Identify + Acknowledge your unexpressed Fears so that they are not unconsciously running your life and your Intimate Relationships. Learn to Express your Fears openly so that you can find Clarity with what you CAN consciously change, face, or let go of.

  • Cultivate Self-Trust & The Validation of your own Feelings & Personal Truth For Transformation & Empowerment. Remind yourself that you are allowed to have your unique feelings + that they MATTER.

  • Increase Intimacy, Authentic Expression + Clear Communication. You will explore the realm of Relationship with Reverence for the lessons and Powerful effects it can bring to your life.


"I started sessions with Elisa several years ago. I had the typical neurotic hang-ups that many of us have: stress, sadness, fear. I had seen psychologists in the past, and was at the point that I could psychoanalyze myself and had a little therapist living in my head, but I still felt like I wasn't accessing some essential part of me. Working with Elisa has helped me access that part of myself that was closed off. By guiding me with her wisdom and support, she has helped me discover that I really know the way~ that I have the intuition and inner guide to help me navigate what ever comes my way. She has kept me on course, reminding me of my own power, using her knowledge of me and her intuitive wisdom and learned wisdom. I can help myself more easily now- instead of turning to the old patterns of the past when emotions arise, I have a new voice in my mind showing me an alternative path- a more loving, authentic, nurturing and creative path. I have had some tough stuff thrown at me in recent times, and were it not for the consistent and nurturing support of Elisa, I would not have had the tools, courage and inner wisdom to listen to my heart. I find comfort in knowing that Elisa will be there to guide me back to my center. But also in more stable times, to help me dive deeper into my being and celebrate my authentic self, breaking free of old patterns which is so exciting and liberating and fun! I am so grateful for my time with Elisa and look forward to what's to come".  - Danielle, Honolulu, HI

Body Reverence Sessions~

  • Cultivate An Intuitive Relationship to your body by learning to Listen & Trust. Most of us have learned NOT to trust our body. When we are able to deeply Trust our own body, only then are we able to trust life & the many challenges it presents us.

  • Body- Based Program Offerings Include:

  1. Postural Re-alignment  

  2. Body Awareness through assessment of Beliefs

  3. Cultivating Body Confidence

  4. Womb Health + Renewed Creative Focus

  5. Postpartum Healing + Reconnection

  6. Grounding Practices for Nervous System Support



Female Support + Women's Mentoring~

  • Empower Yourself & Learn To Express Your Own Needs, Desires, & Unique Way Of Relating To Yourself As A Woman.

  • Support Your Self in Valuing What You Feel, Embracing Your Emotions, Releasing Self-Imposed Expectations, + Learning How to Be the Woman You Have Always Wanted To Be.

  • Examine the places where you may limit your Personal Expression as well as the ways that you may over-extend or over-express yourself in your life out of Obligation or Insecurity. Find Balance by knowing where you are making your personal decisions from: Centered Knowingness + Conscious Choice or Insecurity + Fear. Find ways to use your Intuition and your Voice to Create Powerful Change.

  • Pregnant Mothers + Postpartum Mothers who are facing an incredibly Transformational Passage in Life that is filled with the Unknown will benefit greatly from this offering.

  • Women's Specific Mentoring Programs May Include: RIPE Method Of Sacred Relating (Relational Intimacy + Potent Expression), Body Reverence Focused Care + Re-Connection To Women's Innate Wisdom & Intuition.


Pricing + Details

One Month Re-Connect Program:

 4 One Hour Phone/Skype Sessions = $380 

  • One Session Per Week for Four Weeks.

Three Month Immersion Program

12 One Hour Phone/Skype Sessions =

4 payments of $380 ($95 per session)

2 payments of $540 ($90 per session)

Single payment of $960 ($80 per session)


  • One Session Per Week for Twelve Weeks.


Workplace Re-Connection Programs~

  • Supporting Conscious Business Owners + Staff to Cultivate More Authenticity + Supportive Communication Practices That Transform The "Work" Environment & Ignite The Creative Connection.

  • Learn How to Use The Energy of Conflict + Disconnection To Deepen Intimacy With Your Self, Co-workers & Your Work.

  • Weekly & Bi-Weekly Individual Staff Calls and Quarterly In-Person Workshops.

  • Program Offerings:

  1. Workplace Re-Connection

  2. Conscious Communication Practices

  3. Authentic Expression

  4. Supportive Group Envisioning

  • Pricing + Details of the Workplace Re-Connection Program discussed upon contact. Program Offering Varies based upon the size of the Organization and the Needs of the Culture.