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The Wisdom of Vulnerability: 7-Week Journey for Women

The Wisdom of Vulnerability:
7-Week Journey for Women begins Sunday, October 30th!

7 Group Sessions + 7 Individual Sessions =

14 hours of Connecting & Learning the Practices of Emotional Intimacy + Vulnerable, Powerful Self-Expression.

"Daring greatly means the courage to be VULNERABLE.
It means to show up and be SEEN.
To ask for what you NEED.
To talk about how you're FEELING.
To have the hard CONVERSATIONS"
- Brene Brown


Continually cultivating the courage to be VULNERABLE with my Self has ignited my path of Self-Discovery allowing me to feel and express myself in more potent ways in my life and in my relationships, leading to a more grounded, powerful knowingness of who I am while SIMULTANEOUSLY allowing myself to make mistakes and to be VULNERABLE enough to learn from them.


"The definition of VULNERABILITY is uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. How can you be a good leader who's not willing to walk into uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure?" 

Imagine that you were bringing a higher level of consciousness to all of your relationships (your relationship to your self, your body, your emotions, your work, your spirituality, your family) every single day? If you were to ask yourself the very questions that you most avoid with the intention to become more aware of your self and your actions, what would that FEEL like? 


The most effective means of attaining true internal freedom is created by raising the level of consciousness one brings to one's OWN experience. But only you can do that for yourself. Only I can do that for myself. No one else can take responsibility for what we have not been courageous enough to discover + acknowledge about ourselves.


YOUR personal experience + expression in the world profoundly affects the people around you: your family, your co-workers, and your community. Are you willing to lead the way for others in your life to find the courage to live consciously? Do you desire to become intimate with your emotions + to cultivate the inner strength to express your self more fully? 


Truly LIVING consciously + in full expression of who you are (and not just talking about it) requires deep VULNERABILITY...

It requires that we act from a place of internal knowingness that does not need the approval of others.


It requires that we acknowledge + confront impulses to deny painful truths.


It requires that we are willing to acknowledge + maturely take responsibility for our unconscious mistakes.


It requires that we are consciously aware of the roots of our own values so that we are not unconsciously ruled by the values of others.


It requires that we are receptive to new information and new experiences that challenge the way we see + know ourselves.


It requires that we acknowledge + understand + express our emotions.


It requires that we listen + respect the messages + wisdom of our physical body.


These are the cornerstones of living consciously where we commit to continually being COURAGEOUSLY VULNERABLE enough to become INTIMATE with our own unconsciousness and to expand ourselves beyond what we once believed.


Will you join us in the exploration of ourselves, our emotions, and the expansion of our personal expression? Feeling a bit of fear or doubt is a natural part of stepping into the "uncertainty" and the perceived "risk" involved with being VULNERABLE enough to explore the places of ourselves that we have not yet explored.

When we do this exploration together, we assist one another in feeling CONNECTED, VALUABLE, + MOTIVATED to SHARE MORE of WHO WE ARE in our creativity, our personal relationships and in our work.


One Payment of $770
Two Payments of $385
Three Payments of $260


Group Circle Call Times: 

Sunday, October 30th (the New Moon) - Sunday, December 18th @ 9am-10am HST/12noon- 1pm PST.
(NO Group Call on Sunday, December 11th.)


Individual Calls to be scheduled separately. 


Curious? Schedule a FREE call to feel if this is right for you. Explore where it may be possible for you to strengthen yourself through vulnerability.


These times don't work for you but you still desire to work on vulnerability + authentic expression in your life? Connect with me to discuss options for individual + group support.







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