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Intro to Sacred Relating

"Intimate relationship is perhaps the ashram of the 21st Century- a place especially ripe with transformational possibility, a combination crucible and sanctuary for the deepest sort of healing and awakening, through which the full integration of our physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions is more than possible".

Sacred Relationship can be a vehicle for personal transformation, co-empowerment and deep healing.

You are invited to explore the realm of relating with reverence for the lessons and powerful effects it can bring to your life. This workshop is an opportunity to cultivate a deeper awareness in your relationships with the intention to increase intimacy, true authenticity and personal expansion.

When we allow another to truly see a deeper layer of ourselves as we are in each moment: fearful, shameful, disempowered, angry, sad, blissfully ecstatic, inspired, powerful...the WHOLE spectrum of our human experience is revealed and shared. We must be willing to expose our truth moment to moment and to consciously work with our own mystery of being. 

We will explore the fundamentals of creating an intentional, sacred foundation for mature, conscious relationships, practice how to communicate more authentically and truthfully, and how to honor our own feelings (while witnessing our patterns & woundings) while in relationship with another.

An Intro to Sacred Relating will provide a very grounded, real way to work with your Spiritual and Personal Growth.

Creating a Sacred Foundation:

  • Releasing Old Ways of Relating

  • Owning & Acknowledging How You Relate

  • Redefining Conscious Relationship


Communication Practices:

  • Emotional Awareness                                            

  • Authentic Communication

  • Deepening Vulnerability


Blazing a New Path in Relationship:

  • Taking Responsibility

  • Leading The Way To Mature Relating


  • Location: Private Residence ~ Directions sent upon Registration + Payment.

  • Bring: A cushion to sit on, journal, + writing tool.

  • Cost: $50/person ~ 5 hours of Sacred Relating immersion.