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Weaving The Worlds

|| Weaving The Worlds || 

Weaving Intentions, Women's Ancient Storytelling
+ Shamanic Drum Journey Meditation 

Sunday, October 29th
5:00pm - 8:30pm 


Journey into the Mystery. 

Reclaim the Wisdom of the Weaver. 

Mindfully weave your intentions into your own unique, signature wall hanging, infused with the story of who you are + what you are creating in your life. Reconnect to the ancient art of weaving led by ~Trudy Perry of Fire Horse Studios. 

Listen to the ancient mythological stories of the weavers, remembering your connection to the archetype of the weaver that lives within us all...the powerful woman who creates her own reality one weave at a time...leaving space for mistakes, embracing the mystery of creation, + dreaming the world into being.

Participate in a healing shamanic drum journey led by ~ Elisa Spring of Sacred Spiral Women's Collective. 
Set your intentions to deeply connect to your own creation energy + the wisdom that you hold within you.

Join us in this potent gathering + exploration of the mystery of creation during the time of year when the veils are thin + the stories of our ancient ancestors guide us. 

Location: Historic Waialua Courthouse in Haleiwa 

Exchange: $55 includes all materials
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