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Ritual Wellness for Intentional Relationships


~ 6-Week Ritual Wellness Program for Women ~

Focus your presence + intention on simple, potent, rituals that support you first and foremost AND support the growth and increased awareness of your intimate relationships.

•Weekly Distance Group Conference Calls
•Optional Individual Support for further integration + expansion

Weeks One & Two: 

Rituals for honoring your physical body. Find what your body truly craves, how to allow in more pleasure, and remember to listen to the wisdom it holds through food, movement, and simple meditative practices. Stop forcing things that you think you “should” do and tune in to what “feels” right for your body. We will focus on our womb space as women, as well as our hearts, for the answers to our own questions. Learn to connect and relate with others in new ways through your own unique physical expression.

Weeks Three & Four: 

Rituals for remembering + living in harmony with your own natural rhythm. Why are the Moon + the seasons so important to our Feminine Wellness? Find out more about these ancient ways of deeply nurturing yourself based on following + honoring the seasons within. Life changing wisdom that affects every facet of how you live your life and how you relate to others!

Weeks Five & Six: 

Rituals for deepening connection + reawakening in Relationship. Move into practices of authentic expression + clear communication, create intentional, connective space with those you care for (partners, friends or co-workers), and show up sharing your most potent, powerful self in all relationships!



Ritual Wellness EXPANSION Package:
(6) 70-minute Group Ritual Calls
(6) 45-minute Individual Support Sessions
(6) E-mail Inquiries during the 6-week Program

{{ $570 }}
two payments of $285 or
three payments of $190

Ritual Wellness BALANCE Package:
(6) 70-minute Group Ritual Calls
(2) 45-minute Individual Support Sessions
(2) E-mail Inquiries during the 6-week Program

{{ $330 }}
two payments of $165

Ritual Wellness FOUNDATION Package:
(6) 70-minute Group Ritual Calls
(2) E-mail Inquires during the 6-week Program

{{ $210 }}
two payments of $105

**Sign up with a friend and you BOTH RECEIVE 10% off any Ritual Wellness Package.

Group Class will meet on Mondays at 5pm HST/ 8pm PT
scheduled to begin on: 
Monday, March 27 + complete on
Monday, May 1st (Celebrating May Day/Beltane together to close our circle).

Ritual Wellness will be a 6-week offering for Women only. I hope you will join us in this intentional space of community for the expansion and growth of all who chose to show up! 

Once your payment has been recieved, you will RECEIVE a WELCOME letter with supportive suggestions for your upcoming journey in the Ritual Wellness Program. Please send payment and package choice in the NOTES section via PayPal to: