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Respecting Our Bodies, Reclaiming Ourselves

"Respecting Our Bodies, Reclaiming Ourselves"

Ancient Knowledge for the Modern Woman:

A Womb Healing Workshop 

APRIL 9 - 10am-1pm  at Olanani AcuOasis in Kailua

What are you creating in your life?

What ideas and inspirations are you giving "birth" to? 

Come explore how we, as Women, can integrate ancient wisdom into our modern lifestyles with the intention to live more fully in our own personal truth. 

 Imagine a Woman who knows herself, honors her body and it's rhythms, takes responsibility for her emotions, voices her truth and lives her passions. It is more than possible for us to birth ourselves into being this Woman. 

In this safe container of self-discovery we will:

•Explore our femininity through intentional movement, relaxing into our bodies and freeing our pelvis. 

 •Journey to the heart of our creative womb space with the intention to listen to our own inner guidance, while being supported by the sounds of the drum.

 •Learn how to create simple rituals of release by connecting with ancient women's wisdom traditions and why it's so important to tune in and rest during your bleeding time. 

 •Reclaim our passion, our own unique rhythm and our own voice as a path to healing our relationships with our Self and our intimate partnerships. 

 •Create an intentional plan to listen to your body, listen to your creative calling, listen to your emotions, and listen to the wisdom that lies within you! 


Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. Bring your own mug for hot tea. 

This gathering welcomes women of all ages and all stages of life! 

3-hour workshop cost is $45

Call Olanani AcuOasis (808) 263-8899 to reserve your attendance. Space is open to 12 Women.