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Together Couples Retreat


 Deepen into Love in the Heart of Nature – Intimate Couples Retreat in Kaslo, British Columbia


April 18th -21st

The Sentinel Retreat Center


Nestled in the enchanting landscapes of Kaslo, British Columbia, our couples retreat offers a sanctuary where love flourishes and the noise of everyday life is replaced with the tranquility of nature. Join us for an unforgettable journey that will deepen your connection and enhance the spark in your relationship.  We have limited spots to preserve the intimacy. 


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Listen to our Together Podcast Here!

Return To Love 


Deepen Into Intimacy 


Meet The Divine In Your Partner


Repattern Conflict Into Love and Potency


Create More Ease Joy Play Connection and Pleasure Together


Connect With The Soul Of Your Relationship 


Discover Embodied Tools For Navigating Relationship & Life Together


Be Seen, Heard & Felt 


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Why Choose and Trust Courtney and Mike With The Soul Of Your Relationship?


Courtney Wren MSW, RSW is a Transformational Therapist, Mentor and Relational Mystic passionate about Weaving New Ways of Lightness in Sacred Relationship. 


Mike Elliott is an Intuitive Life Coach that specializes in transformation and relational healing.  


These two have an aligned desire to GROW, CONTRIBUTE and CREATE in a way that inspires others to build in more connection in their lives. It is palpable when you meet these two that they are passionate and following their dharmas in facilitating other couples to deepen the felt sense of love.


They not only love guiding, you can feel that they embody these practices in their day to day life. This isn’t just another retreat full of information, this is an EXPERIENCE that will create ALCHEMY you and your partner will never forget. This is about reconnecting to your foundation and nourishing the remembering of why you two are devoted to being “together” in life. 


Mike and Courtney are AUTHENTIC and REAL about their very human and beautiful journey of relationship which is part of their medicine. On their “Together” podcast they share vulnerably their conscious evolution and challenges in relationship, sharing where they mess up which was amplified when they had their first child together. This ignited their motivation for deeper learning and sharing of the lessons learned.


They love sharing their process to re-find each other with practical tools and practices. This relatability is permission giving to open up and explore where the relationship needs attention with divine intention. They offer over a deep sense of safety which is their #1 priority.  


Collectively we are weaving what it means to be in conscious partnership. As we bring more consciousness to this evolution, there are collective pieces that couples encounter. In this retreat space we can work through these places TOGETHER, supporting the evolution of each couple and the embodiment of love on the planet.


Imagine a Maloca full of Conscious Couples Devoted to Love


Our walking prayer is for there to be more LOVE, PLAY, PLEASURE, CREATIVITY and CONNECTEDNESS in intimate partnerships that then feeds family, community, the earth and human evolution. 


These 4 days and 3 nights will be a deep dive into embodied practices both personally and as a couple. To embody deeper your own personal responsibility and inner commitment to your relationship, while cultivating, rediscovering and tending to the shared relational space.


We will cultivate and build the capacity in our nervous systems to experience joy, love, pleasure, passion, and play. We will explore the patterns where couples can get stuck, stagnant or disconnected, with tools and practices for moving through these spaces together with light and play.


We will remember that we are allies and partners in the seas of life, and we can have fun on this wild ride. 

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Why Choose Our Couples Retreat?

  • Unique Experiences for Deep Connection:

     Discover activities specifically designed to nurture your relationship and foster intimacy, from heart-to-heart discussions in secluded spots to laughter-filled moments in the great outdoors.


  • Expert Guide and Coach:
     Benefit from the wisdom of experienced relationship coaches who provide a supportive and nurturing environment for you and your partner to explore new depths of your relationship.


  • Spectacular Natural Setting:
     The awe-inspiring beauty of Kaslo provides the perfect backdrop for your journey, with its breathtaking mountains and serene waters reflecting the depth and tranquility of your growing bond. Your nervous systems will have the options of activating in the profound Kootenay lake that has a silky feel to it, and or the calming and revitalizing cedar hot tub overlooking the lake. 


  • Somatic Practices:
     Delve into the world of somatic exercises, designed to enhance bodily awareness and emotional connectivity. These practices guide you in understanding and responding to each other's non-verbal cues, deepening your physical and emotional intimacy. 


  • Engaging Workshop
    : Participate in workshops that focus on key aspects of relationships, such as communication, trust, and vulnerability, offering valuable insights and tools to enrich your partnership.


  • Adventure & Exploration:
     Whether it's a tranquil hike through the forests or walk down to the lake, immerse yourselves in the beauty that surrounds you, allowing it to mirror the beauty within your relationship.


  • Restorative Evenings:
     Retreat to either your private room or shared room after a healthy meal and a Cedar hot tub, blending comfort with the rustic charm of the wilderness, providing a cozy end to your enriching days.
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Who Is This Retreat For?

Couples yearning to deepen their emotional and physical connection.


Those looking to kindle passion and intimacy in their relationship.


Partners wishing to explore new dimensions of their bond in a serene, natural setting.


Partners wanting to expand their love, joy, pleasure and play.


Partners desiring to awaken to the divine, their highest self & purpose through relationship.


Partners who are here for a new relational way on the planet of unity, healing, wholeness, togetherness.

You Will Leave This Retreat With

  • A deeper sense of your unique connection as a couple

  • A renewed sense of the soul of your relationship

  • A clearer map of how to stay connected through the ups and downs of life

  • How to reconnect after ruptures

  • How to cultivate and embody more expansion, joy, love, pleasure

  • A map of your relational dynamics and how to work for them

  • An appreciation for the gifts you both bring

  • Nervous system coregulation & self regulation practices

  • Partner practices for deepening into intimacy and navigating conflict 

  • Working with both the internal and the relational to create connection

Exclusive and Personalized Experience

With limited availability, our retreat ensures an intimate and focused atmosphere, allowing for personalized attention and a truly transformative experience for each couple. This is a unique opportunity to be in a space with other couples who are all wanting to grow and deepen in their bond. The beauty that can unfold from the soul of the group will be unforgettable. Each couple contributes to this space of “together” we are all weaving.

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Embark on this intimate journey in the heart of nature. Kaslo's natural beauty is not just a setting, but a participant in your journey of rediscovery and connection.

Contact Us: [] [250-505-6928] follow us on Instagram @the_together_podcast or individually, @wren.courtney, @mikeelliott808

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Lake View Maloca

Imagine a maloca full of conscious couples devoted to love

Cedar Hot Tub 

Enjoy the nourishing cedar hot tub overlooking the lake to help integrate and connect with other couples in the mornings and evenings. 

King and Queen Bedroom Options- Barrel Sauna

Enjoy the comfort of the sentinels beds where you can rest and rejuvenate your heart and soul, all snuggled up with your beloved. 

What's Included

  • Breathwork
  • Somatic Embodiment Practices 
  • Meditation/ Energy Work
  • Initiation Ceremony
  • Relational Constellation Processes 
  • Organic Meals
  • Snacks
  • Coffee and Tea
  •  Hot tub/ sauna
  • Nature Time 

Ayni(sacred reciprocity)

$3111 until March 15th Regular $3777

6 rooms left

  • King Room 
  • Payment option available 
  • 4 Payments of $777.77
  • This price is for two people

Ayni(sacred reciprocity)

$2444 Until March 15th regular $3111


  • Queen(Standard) Room 
  • Payment option available 
  • 3 payments of $814.66
  • This price is for two people

Ayni(sacred reciprocity)

$2222 until march 15th Regular $3000

1 room left

  • Queen(cozy) Room 
  • Payment option available
  • 3 payments of $740.67
  • This price is for two people

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Embark on this intimate journey in the heart of nature. Kaslo's natural beauty is not just a setting, but a participant in your journey of rediscovery and connection.

Contact Us: [] [250-505-6928] follow us on Instagram @the_together_podcast or individually, @wren.courtney, @mikeelliott808